About Us

Why I created Fairy Black Mother – The Brand


...I can remember as a little girl just wanting my mother. Whenever she came to visit me I was so happy. And when she left I became sad again. That went on for years and I was too young to understand why she would leave. A teenage mother herself, she was so young and my grandmother worked really hard to help her go back to school away from home. I really loved my mother.Trevor, who helped take care of me, told me one day about my other grandmother whom I had never met because she had passed right before I was born. He would tell me stories about her. I admired her. I wanted to be somewhat like her. Trevor told me she had sold most of her land right before she passed and had she known that she was going to have a grandchild she probably would have left all for me... I had never seen a picture of her and I had no idea what she looked like. But, I was inspired by her. I heard that she owned and had operated her own little food shop along the roadside...

Growing up, I wanted to be like my grandmother. I kept the image of that little shop in my mind. I always wished I had known her. In my mind she lived. In my mind my mother lived and in my mind flashes of a mystical being also lived. Periodically, maybe every couple of years, when I would perceive hate around me, I would see in my vision - a woman dressed all in white standing in the midst of open forests looking towards another country across the valleys and plains. She was beautiful but I could only see the side of her face. Her ebony skin glistened and she wore a white turban. Her long white skirt glowed beautifully. She seemed magnificent. Who is she? I just don’t know. But she lives in energy and I call her my Fairy Black Mother. 

So I created this brand called Fairy Black Mother as a homage to the guide that lives within me - that lives within us. She is divine and mystical and she helps us. She brings good energy to us, and she helps to protect us. She is there when we need her. She lives within all of us and brings us Peace, Love, Determination and Good Things. Everyone has a Fairy Black Mother.