Day and Night Hair cap -Pink scope

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Fairy Black Mother hair cap will protect your hair. When you are so ready to get your hair off your face! This hair cap will do. Wear it around the house, sleep in it, wear it out, even to work. There is no elastic band to create friction on your edges that can lead to thinness. Instead our no elastic band hair cap can be included as a part of your hair care regimen if you are trying to re grow your hair. It is important to get oxygen to the scalp to maintain its health. This durable hair cap is breathable which means more oxygen to the hair and scalp. An added plus, it will help to keep moisture in your hair and keep it frizz free. It will help to keep head cool at night and it is very comfortable. Also fits big hair. This medium is a one size fit most and can fit short hair to long locs comfortably. Enjoy.

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