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Dreadlocks hat for men dread bonnet for braids fairy black mother

Day and Night Fatigue hair cap

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 Fairy Black Mother hair cap is a better alternative to satin bonnets for dreadlocks, locs, and natural hair styles. This is because it protects the hair, provides more oxygen flow to the scalp and won’t fall off at night. One of the most important thing is that this hair cap allows for your scalp to breathe better than other brands and it will stretch to fit your hair length whether its long or short. This hair cap will also protect your hair line. Our soft comfortable hair cap has a stretchable adjustable fit that conforms to your head size, shape, and style of your hair, locs, or dreadlocks. 

Comes in 2 sizes: Adjustable to fit  men and women. Small fits a smaller head size with long or short hair style, locs, or dreadlocks. Medium fits normal to larger head size with short to very long hair, locs, dreads, braids, and extensions.   Will protect the hair. 

This hat will keep your hair free from frizzing. Keep moisture in and lint out.   

A very versatile cap: use as a sleep bonnet, loc bonnet, dreadlock sleeping cap, beanie tam, dreadlock bonnet, a dread lock beanie, a satin bonnet alternative, or just as a regular hair cap. Dress it up or down. Casual enough for out and about. Wear as a loc soc or rasta tam. Wear it out, or sleep in it.


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