When do you cover your hair? Fairy Black Mother

When do you cover your hair? Hair is a big thing for black women! Covering the hair is very common in the African American culture among both men and women. There are a lot of things that we do with our hair such as wear it natural, lock it up, use hair extensions, hair weaves, braids, press and curl, wigs, and more. We also use chemicals such as color and relaxers. The big question is when do we cover our hair to protect it? I would say for me and for many - we mostly cover our hair at nights. And the reason been is that we want to keep the style in tact. I know that we are now using the term protective, lol. I use it. We are protecting the hair from the sheets, or from other hair that we buy. I am being silly. NO. We typically want to protect our hair so that it can grow, be healthy and to maintain the style. So, most nights, you will find that we protect our hair as we sleep. Covering our hair also helps to keep it’s moisture in tact. Therefore, I encourage the use of a sleeping cap that has this moisture-retention function built in. Use a hair cap for sleeping that is breathable and without elastic bands. I have to say we design our hair cap with this in mind, because we care about your hair. Your hairline is important and the condition of your hairline says a lot about the health of your hair. Friction is not good around your edges. I encourage you to always invest in good products when it comes to your hair.