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Satin bonnet - a sleep option hair cap

I remember being in fashion design school learning about textiles and thinking to myself about how we have been misled for so long thinking satin is the best option for our hair. I just finally decided to educate others a little about fabrics after I was ask several questions about satin. See, lets face it, beauty sells. Black beauty sells us. For the longest, long before we even knew our buying power it was put in our head that satin is good for our hair. And of course many of us bought into that notion. We have been so misinformed. First and foremost, satin is not a fabric, it is the way a fabric is woven. The fibers are tightly woven in many directions to give the fabric a smoother shiny face. This is called a satin weave. The satin weave came about during the medieval period and only the elites could afford it then. They would take the silk fibers which came from the silk worms and wove it so that the fabric looked more luxurious, sensuous, and more romantic. Fast Forward. The cheaper way to create a satin weave today, is to use polyester, nylon, rayon, or acetate. Most satin today found in beauty supply stores are not woven from silk but are from polyester, nylon, or rayon. These are all synthetic fibers. But don't feel bad, most silk today comes from genetically modified worms that are paralyzed in order to produce silk. I don't consider that natural. And not to mention silk is the one of the most unfriendly fabric to wear. It is a very breathable fabric however, because of its thin nature. That is a plus.

So there are 5 natural fabrics that we wear - Cotton, linen, silk, wool, and cashmere. But do we wear these fabrics all the time? Not really, at times we wear fabrics that are mixed with other fibers. Synthetic materials are typically mixed together with other synthetic or natural fibers to create some kind of enhancement. Synthetic materials today are also way better than the synthetic materials produced in the 70s and 80s.

About our hair. I feel like screaming when I hear people say they use satin bonnets, pillowcases, sheets etc, to protect their hair. All I can think of is WHHHHY!!!! First of all, many companies in the beauty industry use the word satin as opposed to the correct term poly satin (satin woven using polyester or polyiamide fibers). This is a deliberate misrepresentation, because it buys into the idea that one is buying something made out of silk. Not only that, These so called satin bonnets, pillow cases, etc are typically 100% polyester. In the cheaper beauty supply stores satin products tend to be produced from cheap low grade polyester or nylon, not silk. And how long have we been sold? I think you can answer that for yourself.

The big question that I need to answer is, Does satin bonnets protect my hair?  Fairy Black Mother hair caps will protect your hair. Choose whichever you are comfortable with. Satin or no satin your hair will be protected. The Fairy Black Mother satin bonnet sleep cap is a knit satin fabric made in Italy. It is made from high grade polyiamide fibers designed to feel like silk. The unprecedented feel of it is so soft and luxurious, that the quality will stand out.  The thin breathable, stretchable, structure of the fabric  is incomparable to the other satins out there for your hair. Unlike the woven satin out there our knit satin allows better air flow to the scalp while protecting your hair.  Our hair cap band helps to protect your hairline edges due to how light, thin, and breathable that it is.  Sleep caps from other companies tend to  have elastic bands that create friction on the hairline that can be damaging to the scalp.  Another awesome thing about our hair cap is that is stays on during the night. What's cool about it is that the fabric is safe for sensitvie scalp and it will not bleed with oils or creams in your hair, although heavy creams and oils may seep through. Use it as a part of your hair care regimen.  It is always best to use hair caps that are breathable. Typically you can tell if the fabric is very breathable simply by holding it up to the light. You should be able to see the light right through it. Least but not last, your hair cap should feel comfortable on your head especially around your edges.

Try our Fairy Black Mother hair caps, we do put thought, love and care in producing our hair caps. We believe in keeping and maintaining healthy hair, life and style. 

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